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“This is my memoir of Billy and Gyp Hill – Britain’s most successful criminal couple – and me, their only child. Billy was the Boss of Britain’s Underworld. A mentor to the Kray twins, Billy introduced ‘project crime’ to Britain and got clean away with the 1952 Eastcastle Street robbery even though the authorities knew that he did it. Gyp was the Queen of the Underworld. A fiery beauty who fought like a man, she was the female brains behind many of Billy’s crime successes. Glamorous Gyp partied with celebrities and Britain’s ex-pat upper classes and ran a top nightclub in Tangier – with the chief of police as her minder – before retiring to raise me as a law-abiding citizen. This extraordinary ‘true crime’ story is also a love story. This eBook retains the formatting of the original print version and includes enhanced photographs.”

Justin Hill

Book Details

Book Name Client Name
Author Justin Hill, John Hunt
Print Book ISBN 
Genre True Crime
Copyright 2014

About The Author

Justin Hill was born in London on 21st January 1973. The only child of Billy and Gyp Hill, he decided to write this memoir in response to several ‘true crime’ books that maligned Gyp and claimed he is not Billy’s son. Justin’s memories of his parents – Billy, who died on 1st January 1984 and Gyp, who died on 8th June 2004 – remain strong.

In 2008, Justin republished his dad’s book, ‘Boss of Britain’s Underworld’ and he began several year’s work to research and write this memoir.

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