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Billy Hill writes about an extraordinary life of crime and punishment and his rise to the top of Britain‘s gangland. This book details Billy‘s sensational heists in the 1950s, for which no one was ever convicted. It’s an entertaining read, giving the reader insight into What made Billy tick. Originally written in 1955, it caused a sensation when released, being one of the first ‘celebrity’ gangster books. Faithfully recreated for this new eBook version, it has been carefully scanned and edited from the original printer’s plates, with an added introduction from Billy Hill’s son, Justin.

Book Details

Book Name Boss Of Britains’s Underworld
Author Billy Hill, Justin Hill
eBook ISBN B009YJ6A3E
Print Book ISBN 
Genre True Crime
Copyright 1955, 2014

About The Author

When I was a boy and dad came to stay, he would sit on the edge of my bed and send me to sleep with his stories. I best remember the tale of him sailing the high seas in a boat called the Flamingo. His captain was a smelly man called Beamish. Dad bought uniforms for the motley crew, to make them look more professional, but the order got mixed-up and they all came on deck dressed like captains. Then Beamish, or somebody, set the boat on fire and that was the end of that adventure. My dad was an old man and he’d lived a sensational life. His name was Billy Hill and, in his day, he was Britain’s criminal mastermind.

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