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Ainslie & Fishwick Publishing Style Adoption

by | Feb 10, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Ainslie & Fishwick Publishing Ltd adhere to the UK conventions for style, grammar and spelling, in English language book proofing, for both digital and print versions, unless specifically requested otherwise by authors and clients, e.g. US versions. You can download the Oxford University Style Guide below.

Does it matter? We think so because, as well as those we publish, we proof all manuscripts we convert to eBooks and print, unlike the vast majority of eBook conversion services out there. We wish to offer the highest standards of publishing, design and layout to authors and self-publishers we can, and this is part of that service. You’ll find, admittedly, most of our books up till now vary in this respect, but we’ll be updating those published by us in due course. This is only for production proofing and not to tell writers how to write.

Examples please? Single quotation marks for direct speech instead of US double quotation marks:

‘The kitchen,’ he said, ‘is the heart of the home.’

Commas outside of quotation marks, if the original direct speech was intended to have no comma:

‘The kitchen’, he said, ‘is the heart of the home.’

Double quotation marks for quotations within quotations:

‘I think what Alfred Hitchcock called the “MacGuffin”, was used as a plot device,’ she said.

Similarly, spelling will be proofed for UK English: colour instead of color; catalogue instead of catalog; programme instead of program etc.

University of Oxford Style Guide (updated Hilary term 2016)